Wednesday, 12 June 2024
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The EMRA CAPITAL of companies is focused on rendering of business services for small and medium companies.

When you are at the beginning, starting a business or when your enterprise works in specific areas, as for example, virtual services – the company registration and enterprise activity can be an expensive and a hard process. The fast and reliable alternative decision of the related problems is the virtual office service   - smart office.

Smart office concept offers a wide scale of services which promote high-grade functioning of your company. The permanent legal address in Chisinau, consultation and the high-grade support in the process of firm registration, providing for the uninterrupted qualitative activity for the accounting process , human resource management, legal consulting, secretary services – those are the basic lines of the EMRA CAPITAL activities.

Each of the listed services urged to facilitate as much as possible the bureaucratic issues of our client, to optimize financial and time expenses.

We build mutually beneficial and lasting relationships, opening our partners the most attractive development opportunities.

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